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Someone has rightly remarked – “There is severe poverty in this world more due to lack of love than due to lack of money.” Human Beings became so selfish that they don’t have time to think or act for others. Even if we come across a dying person on the street, we walk away without even caring for that person, either because we are only concerned about ourselves or because we don’t have time for others. What if that person would be you or your own?

The iBuddy, a business for better ways, is very willing to help and support the poor communities of India,to spread the message of love and create awareness among the people about the needs of the Society. Being a part of iBuddy, we believe in growing and help othersgrow, to make a difference in others life. With this aim, we have decided to contribute a part of our revenue for the welfare of the Society. As we have started with education, we would create an opportunity of ‘Free Education’ for the Unprivileged Children of the Society. We are also emphasizing on Women Empowerment, helping and supporting them to cope up with the problems they face being in the Society.We have joined hands with Youth For Human Rights International (YHRI, USA) where we would be working together to make the people aware of their Rights. Various documents and materials would be provided to different schools and institutions without any cost to distribute them among the Students, Parents and Teachers so that they know their Rights well and raise their voice when these rights are violated by any source. The iBuddy and YHRI, along with the help of Indian Government, would also intervene in serious issues related to the violation of Human Rights. With the help of Limelight, a Social Awareness Page on our Website, we are trying to highlight the various Social Evils occurring in different part of our country as well around the world with the objective to make people aware of this and induce in their hearts the willingness to wipe away these evils from our society. They can also share their opinion and views on this platform, making it a medium to reach their voice to everyone. Limelight is also a platform where the ‘Pain and Mournful Cries’ of the ‘Helpless’ would be highlighted, begging aids and support from the ‘Generous Ones’. There are many who are suffering from dreadful diseases and where huge amount is required for their treatment but they are unable to fend the treatment fund because of their ‘Poverty-Ridden-Lives’. So should we let them die because of being poor? Here we would be highlighting their issue or case and request the ‘Willing Hearts’ to help these people in whatever way they can, thus saving poor lives. Emerging from Middle Class and Conservative Family with innumerable challenges, if we could prove ourselves Big and Noble, we can inspire and motivate the future generations to dream big even being poor. In the near future, we hope to involve ourselves in various other causes, hoping to create a better world, a better future for everyone.Let us unite together, motivate and inspire others to do something good and bring changes in our Society, in whatever ways possible. And your prayers, support and cooperation will help us to move few more steps ahead.

Our Profile

iBuddy is a Student Portal, an online gateway through which the Parents will be able to connect with the Schools through a common platform.

prompt SMS and Email services at anytime anywhere.

The Parents will be able to get the regular updates of the classroom and the events at School. Both the Parents and Teachers, also the Principal and the Parents, will be able to communicate with each other concerning the Childs performance and behaviour at School.

Mission & Goals

The main aim of iBuddy is to bridge the Parents and the School, so that both the Parents and the School could collaborate with each other and help the Students achieve Academic Excellence, create a bright Career Scope and form Characters of Discipline and Value. We believe that with the help of this Student Portal, both the Parents and the School will be able to help the Students in achieving these aspects.

For Society

Free Education For Unprivileged
Women Empowerment
Employment Opportunities
Education On Human Rights
Social Awareness

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